Yi Luan  

Yi Luan

Email: luanyi [at] google [dot] com

Research Scientist
Google AI Language


05-Aug-19 Join Google!
10-Aug-18 Our paper Multi-Task Identification of Entities, Relations, and Coreference for Scientific Knowledge Graph Construction has been accepted by EMNLP 2018.
19-Feb-18 Attend SemEvel 2018 Task 7 (relation extraction for scientific papers) and get first and second place in Subtask A and B.
01-Sep-17 My intern work with MSR Multi-Task Learning for Speaker-Role Adaptation in Neural Conversation Models has been accepted by IJCNLP.
30-Jun-17 Our paper Scientific Information Extraction with Semi-supervised Neural Tagging has been accepted by EMNLP.
09-Feb-17 Attend SemEvel 2017 ScienceIE Task and get first place in Subtask A and B.
12-Sep-16 Finished a wonderful internship at Microsoft Research NLP Group on personalized conversational models.

About Me

I am a Research Scientist at Google AI Language. I did my Ph.D. in ECE department at University of Washington, advised by Prof. Mari Ostendorf and Prof. Hannaneh Hajishirzi. My research area is Natural Language Processing, mainly focus on information extraction, knowledge graph construction and text generation for conversations. Previously, I got my master degree in Hirose & Minematsu Lab at University of Tokyo on robust speech recognition. Here is my CV.